Complete Service Experts in the Design, Development, and Distribution of all things App

At AppFellas, we are passionate about all things mobile, and this passion ensures that we are always at the cutting edge of technology. While we place huge importance on the design and usability of the products we create, our core focus is on the benefits that the functionality of our products can bring to both your business and your end users.

How we work

At App fellas, we place great importance on the initial consultation phase of each project. We pride ourselves on diligently learning about the needs of our clients so that we can deliver the most functionally beneficial app possible, each and every time. Once we have established all the business solutions that we intend the App to provide, we design and develop a prototype which we then test on members of the public. When we are satisfied that the product has been perfected, we provide experienced consultancy on the best strategies for the successful launch and distribution of the application.

What we create

At AppFellas, we have developed bespoke CMS and backends for festival applications, publication migration, and event management. However, we are always looking for new challenges and have a diverse portfolio of which we are very proud. We are enthusiastic about supporting new startups in their rise to success, as well as creating apps which increase the efficiency and visibility of established companies. At AppFellas, we facilitate the future of your company.